Thursday, 4 September 2014

Was the British Empire in India a good thing or a bad thing?

This page links you to the National Archive site on the British Empire where you can look at documents about the time Britain ruled India.

Your task is to study these documents and any other sources you can find about the British Empire in India, sometimes called the Raj.

Then decide your own answer to the question
'Was British India a good thing or a bad thing?'
Of course the Empire had different effects on different people - Indian peasants, richer Indians, women, British officers, workers in Britain..... On balance, though, was it good or bad?

Your answer can be an essay, a presentation, a display, a film or any format you choose. You must, however, back up the points you make with evidence from the sources.

You will find the links below.

A. Living in the Empire.

Indian views.

B. Rise and fall.

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